Becoming a OneStop Local Government Partner

The OneStop Business Registry is already partnered with many public agencies at the federal, provincial and local government levels and is committed to adding more for the benefit of entrepreneurs throughout BC. Partner benefits from participation in OneStop include better customer service, savings of time, elimination of duplication of effort, and improved compliance.

If you represent a public sector agency and would like more information about participating in the Business Registration, Business Address Change or Business Number services offered by the OneStop Business Registry, please contact us.

Currently 84 local governments allow entrepreneurs to apply for their business licence using OneStop. The advantages of this approach include:

"One stop shopping highly recommended."

"This is a great system to have in the community."

"Easy, fast to use, no running around to different government agencies. I really appreciate it."

Having your business licence offered through OneStop is a simple process. A local government must only accept the pre-developed common application form, and not require a signature at time of application. A local government is under no obligation to host a OneStop workstation, and currently the ministry is not charging any development fee. This policy may change in the future.

A local government's participation could begin within 5 days of their acceptance and provision of the following 6 items:

  1. Official local government name.
  2. Full local government address including postal code.
  3. Telephone and fax numbers including area code.
  4. Email address to receive the submitted applications.
  5. Contact name and telephone number.
  6. Contact email address.

A local government also has the option of providing each client applying for a business licence with information at the time of application. This can be almost anything, as long as it is not laden with graphics. It could be bylaw information, a simple thank you for applying, or welcome to wherever. See the sample business licence information pages for the District of Saanich and Township of Langley.

We need to keep file sizes to a minimum, so here are the rules: